We are delighted to inform you that in addition to our Awards event (click here to see videos), we have lined-up some exciting events coming up this year or starting next year Australia wide.

You are invited to join us as a team member to coordinate these events in your state or territory. Please kindly indicate your interest to participate or assist in any way you can.

These events include:


1. “WE LOVE YOU” Party

“WE LOVE YOU” Party is a procession to homes of our exceptional community members and leaders to show our love and appreciation for their sacrifices and benevolence (act of kindness and charitable services) to the community.

  • We present them with a “Certificate of Love and Merit” as recognition of their contribution to African communities’ development in Australia.
  • We toast to long life and prosperity
  • We share delicious African meals, dance to African magical tunes, drink and merry.

This event aims to uplift our leaders and unify our communities through love, encouragement and appreciations.



“WE ARE AUSTRALIANS” LUNCH/DINNER with the Prime Minister, Premiers, Ministers, Parliamentarians and/or African ambassadors.

The event aims to foster positive opportunities for various arms of government to socialise with the African communities with a view to creating deeper understanding, cooperation and integration.

3. GIFTS EXTRAVAGANZA: presenting gifts to the less privileged members of the community and empowering community groups in a practical way.