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Awards 2012 - SBS TV News


Leaders and community members in Victoria pre-event comments about the 2012  Awards event.

 Watch interview with Professor Jonas Addai-Mensah.


Professor Jonas Addai-Mensah is an Associate Director and a Professor at the Ian Wark Research Institute which is an Australian Research Council Special Research Centre of the University of South Australia (UniSA).

 A Chemical Engineer by training, Professor Addai-Mensah has been senior academic of UniSA for the past 18 years educating Engineering and Science professionals. Over that period, he has also held various university management and leadership positions, including Dean of Research Education and served on various national / international professional body committees & university academic boards.

Furthermore, as a Chief Investigator he has attracted over $20 million in research funding from the Australian government and the minerals industry to solve difficult problems for the sector. Prof. Addai-Mensah also is an active consultant to several multinational companies in Australia, Africa, Europe and USA in the area of minerals and mineral waste processing.

As a part of his service and engagement to the community, Prof. Addai-Mensah has secured over $3 million dollars in scholarships to support 12 African students who are currently undertaking their doctorate degrees in Engineering Science at UniSA. Overall, he has educated thousands of Australian and international students and supervised over 30 Ph.D students in Engineering and Science disciplines

Migrant Resource Centre of South Australia (MRCSA)
Eugenia Tsoulis OAM


The website looks great. ...

We support and encourage you



... Your initiative of showcasing the contributions and talents of  African Australians is brilliant. ...



African Studies Association of Australasia and the Pacific (AFSAAP)
Dr. Tanya Lyons
President AFSAAP; Senior Lecturer, School of International Studies, Flinders University, Adelaide

... this sounds like an exciting project. ...


Dr. Tanya Lyons

African Communities Council of SA Inc (ACCSA)
Dr. Joseph Masika
Chairperson ACCSA
...You are doing a great Job. ...

Kind regards

Dr Joseph Masika

 ... You are so resourceful and creative to promote African-Australians in such a positive of their contributions to Australia or the other way around –the contributions of the Australians-Africans.  From my limited knowledge of social marketing, the sort of things you are doing counts greatly to behavioural change of society mind.   What is most interesting is that as a marketer, you influence the new behaviour, which you wish to be adopted.  Australians generally believe much in achievements, thus you are singing a right tune in the right place and at the right time, when globalisation is influencing the minds to change and accept work with those we did not believe to be together.  Africans will later be seen as great resource because of type of  identifying and highlighting their contributions and in a big way.

Dr Apollo Nsubuga-Kyobe  AFAIM, MAHRI, FAFBE, JP. 
Chair DHS Victoria Multicultural Advisory Committee 
Lecturer in Business Management  School of Business - Bundoora | La Trobe University | Kingsbury Drive , Victoria , Australia


On behalf of the African Community Organisation of South Australia (ACOSA), I would like to congratulate you and your team for the vision and hard work in the exposure of the talents and role models that exist in Australia, particularly from the African community.

You have put great thought into the whole exercise and your inclusiveness of all is a reflection of your strong leadership which is shared between you and your team.  Inclusiveness is a virtue lacking in many leaders in this world today. We commend you for that vision.

ACOSA, as the first umbrella African Community Organisation of South Australia, will continue to work hand in hand with you and will support any initiative that supports multiculturalism in this country we call home.

Kind regards,

David Malinda

President, ACOSA


On behalf of an African Australian HR Firm ( New Force) based in Melbourne, we would like to express our excitement to hear about this celebration.

We are planning to attend this number one historical event of African Oz showcasing success and achievements on the land of Down Under.

We are delighted to see you guys taking the powers of African Oz forward and we thank the organizers for putting such an amazing idea into a big reality.


Director New Force Recruitment


This i s a good effort. If we could have such a collection, we would be able to help one another more, and most importantly create a strong future for Africans in Australia.

Dr Paul Iji

Associate Professor
Faculty of Arts and Sciences, School of Environmental and Rural Sciences
University of New England (UNE), Armidale, Australia

Thank you for your incredible work vision, passion and determination. Impressive!


Best Wishes,


Sheela Sheena Langeberg

Music Icon and Superstar


… First of all I would like to thank you for the initiative of honouring Africans for serving their own communities. I think it is a great motivation to all those that have offered their precious time and resources to support African individuals and communities. It is an extremely stressful task but I have no doubt that I have [faith in] African women and men in Australia dedicated to the good of their own people as they struggle to make Australia their new home. Your initiative is a moving and touching innovation that Africans have ever thought of in this country. It is a strong motivating factor especially to those that have dedicated their lives for the good of Africans in Australia. It will have far reaching impact today and in many generations to come. …


Kind regards,


Robert Mukombozi

Community Development Officer-Access Community Services Limited

President-African Communities Council-Logan District

Vice President-Rwandan Association of Queensland Inc.

Secretary-Global United Ethnics Inc.

Secretary-Multicultural Employment Services Inc.

Board Member-People Power Cleaning Services Limited     


... Many thanks for allowing the African Austra- lians to shine by holding such an important event. ...

Sharon Orapeleng

Vice President

Queensland African Communities Council

Keep up the wonderful work and unite all the African nations!
from a proud OzTanzanian!!


CEO, Australian Migration Options Pty Ltd


Good work...

Rosemary Kariuki-Fyfe


The African Village Market Inc


... that's great having a Celebration of African Australians Inc.
Hope all goes well mate. ...
My best regards and wishes

Karl-Heinz Feldmann


... Fantastic event. I will be spreading the word. It sounds like a big initiative....


Samira Farah, CEO, African Film Festival Pty Ltd

On behalf of all the team at Radio AFRO Australia - let me take this opportunity to congratulate, commend and support 'Celebration of African Australians' - such an awesome initiative!

All the very best for 2012 and beyond!

Israel Hobson
Radio AFRO Australia

.... I do appreciate very much some the photos of some African activities you have been involved in. They are fantastic and we in Darwin very much appropriate what African in other parts of Australia are doing. This shows our commitment that we have pledged to this great country. As the current president of the African Australian Friendship in Darwin NT, I want to sincerely thank you and your entire team working very hard for the African groups in your state. ....

Best regards,
William S. Tamba
Australia-African Friendship Association (AFFA)
Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

... This is a great initiative that you have, to recognize hardworking African-Australians.

I will pass this to many of my contacts. ...

Mabor Tut
Conservative Leadership Foundation


What a wond- erful work you have done! Congratulations for hard work and being so inclusive. We will support you all the way.

David Malinda
African Community Organisation of South Australia

... I just like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you and your great team of hard working Africans Australians which put together this historic event. This event will not only showcase the talents that our young Africans Australians possess but will also be an opportunity for Australian general public to see a positive side of Africans Australians. ...

 My special thank will go to finalists and Award recipients for 2012, having gone through their profiles there is no doubt they are wonderful people who have really worked hard in their lives to be where they are today. Their toil and talents will always inspire us all; I wish them all the best in their endeavour.   ...

Kind regards,

David Deng Amol


Sudanese Community Association of Darling Downs Inc, Queensland

Amanda Scott,
International Project Officer,
Sweet Mother International Inc.

I wish to offer my full support as always. You are doing a fantastic job. You are putting your heart and soul into your ideas to bring them into reality. Myself and many other Australians think you are doing a wonderful job to portray the positive effort of the Australian African Community. Africans are indeed contributing to our wonderful country. Keep up the good work !




... The time is getting closer for us to realise who we are and what we can do together as one voice. Our contributions we have made to this society a place we call home will be acknowledged. Long live the organisers long live African Australian. We shall overcome one day and unite for the benefit of our future generation. ...

Tenneh Kpaka
Community Development Project Officer- Immigrant Women’s Speakout; Domestic Violence Project Officer,  for African’s and South Asia communities -  SydWest Multicultural Service Inc; Advocate in transforming FGM in Eastern Sierra Leone Kenema; Board member of Australia National committee on Refugee Women;


...This is really a great initiative and l really applaud it. Really looking forward to attending this event.

I remain proud to be African and really appreciate such initiatives.

Oliver Zvinaiye Maboreke 
Community Engagement Worker,  Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health - Multicultural Health and Support Service team.

... I highly applaud your initiative. ...
Cheers, Sam

Professor Samuel M. Makinda, PhD
Chair of Security Studies
Politics and International Studies
School of Social Sciences and Humanities
Faculty of Arts and Education
Murdoch University

... I am proud of you that you are promoting the image and culture of Africa in Australia. ...

Fayia Isaiah Lahai
People of Australia Ambassador
... You guys are very thoughtful and insightful to have put this in place.
Thank you and we hope it will help to bring us together as a people
and motivate more success. ...
Best wishes and kind regards

Dr Johnson I Agbinya
Reader/Associate Professor of Remote Sensing Systems Engineering
Department of Electronic Engineering
School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences,
Faculty of Science, Technology and Engineering,
La Trobe University | Victoria 3086, Australia

....I have looked at the celebrate African Australians website and I must confess, I am blown away by the fact that at last we are getting together to showcase our own story in our own terms. You guys have done a great job and I hope we shall continue to initiate and sustain more of such gatherings. Please let me know if I can be of any help.

James L Simon

Community Development Worker Transcultural Mental Health Access Program, ADEC

... Much thanks and congratulations in organizing this historical event.

It is an honour to be part of it.


Pearl Proud
Board Member and Chairperson
Connect Groups


...I applaud your efforts in organizing this event and bringing together such an outstanding collection of iconic African Australians to display and promote our people and get recognition for what a vibrant and exciting peoples we are and the enormous contribution that African Australians are making to the development of Australia.

Fezile Mpehle
Assisting Public Officer
Africa-Australia Friendship Association


Wholly support this great initiative which is in-line with what Sanaa Afrika aims to achieve for African Australian artists.

Proprietor,Sanaa Afrika Art Gallery ; and Secretary/Treasurer, HOPE Tanzania Australia Inc


... Impressive! I like the way you have “achievers” of all kinds! And its so important to get these networks going.....

... All the best for your work...

Bests Sue

Sue Cowden

Development Manager, Australia for UNHCR – Australians Supporting the UN Refugee Agency


... Fantastic work you doing
. ...


Tommy Adebayo, 

Health Safety Environmental and Quality Advisor,  Total Marine Technology (TMT) and founder,  African Professionals of Australia (APA)


... Thanks for all your positive promotion of our people ... Keep it up and  remember that we are here if you need any assistance.

Cheers Chika.

Senior Academic, University of Adelaide in South Australia.


Africa is changing. It is not the 3rd world any more. It is not a black continent any more. It is a continent with intelligent and vibrant human beings.

New generations that recognise, respect and praise each other are coming. This is particularly what African Australians need.

Thank you for initiating the first steps and being the front runners of it.

Keep up you good work!!!

Assefa Bekele
Multicultural Community Liaison Officer

... looks like its going to be a fantastic event, so well done 
warm regards Maria 

Maria Osman
Executive Director
Office of Multicultural Interests
Department of Local Government

... I would love to join you for this momentous occasion.

Best regards

Dr John Asafu-Adjaye
Associate Professor, School of Economics, The University of Queensland, Australia

... Thank you for organising this inaugural event. It is high time Africans took it upon themselves to recognise their achievements and to encourage the up and coming generations to emulate, if not to exceed.

Kind regards,


Inakwu O.A. Odeh | Sesquicentennial Associate Professor in Rural Spatial Information Systems, Department of Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture and Environment, THE UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY

Wao ..., we have a lot of potential with the African community. This project is getting things out   I am amazed.

Juma Abuyi

Doctor of Human Service Research

School of Psychology, Social Work and Social Policy, Hawke Research Institute for Sustainable Societies, Division of Education, Arts and Social Sciences

... Being an Australian of Tunisian background, I can applaud this positive initiative as a means to acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of African migrants to multicultural Australia. ...

With kind regards and best wishes.

Professor Fethi Mansouri, PhD
Director, Centre  for Citizenship and Globalisation (A University Strategic Research Centre)
Chair, Migration and Intercultural Studies, School of Humanities and Social Sciences 
Editor, Journal of Intercultural Studies (Routledge)
Faculty of Arts & Education, Deakin University,  Victoria, Australia


... Thank you for the wonderful job you are doing and I feel proud to have such a hard working champion of the African cause. ...

Dr Felix T. Mavondo
Professor of Marketing
Director of Higher Degrees by Research
Department of Marketing

Monash University