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Imanzi: Rwandan Dancing and Singing Group is a non-profit organisation  run by Cyprien Kagorora and other  volunteers.    

It was set up in January 2010  to allow Rwandan community members in Brisbane,  especially young people to learn about their culture and share their talents at the same time  learning how to put behind their traumatic past and creating a brighter future in Brisbane.    

Music and dance are an integral part of Rwandan lifestyle, ceremonies, festivals, social gatherings, and storytelling.  Cyprien Kagorora  wanted to showcase Rwandan  traditional music and dance.    

The Imanzi group have performed at a number of festivals Woodford folk festival,  Refugee day, Candle light Festival, Zillmere festival, Greek festival, Australia day,  Brisbane, Logan, Toowoomba, Gold Coast  Festivals;  Private Events, events ‘Publicity in Public areas and more.    

The group has attracted a lot of interest from the public with their energetic dance,  brilliant costumes and wonderful music.


The Songambele International Gospel band was originally formed in a refugee camp in Tanzania. Most of the performers have since resettled in Adelaide. Their exciting blend of gospel music and dance has entertained audiences at the grand final at AAMI stadium and other local events.They have also performed at Granville Community which located in Sydney (NSW) and were STAR performers at the Celebration of African Australians National Awards 2012, Sydney Opera House. 
Songambele International Gospel band won the 2012 Performing Arts of the Year Award.


Afrodisiaq, is an Afro drumming and dance troupe that undoubtedly brings the electrifying vibrations of Africa, DOWN UNDER. The troupe combines African drumming, dancing, acrobatics and costumes together in an innovative choreographed show. The show covers a widespread diversity of African culture, with influences taken from South Africa, Ethiopia, West Africa, Egypt and many more of the exotic African countries.

Having worked professionally in this industry for many years, the members who form Afrodisiaq are no strangers to a wide range of events. They recently featured in the Hollywood Blockbuster 'The Great Gatsby', alongside Leonardo Dicaprio and The Legend 'Baz Luhrman'. They have also appeared on many prime time Australian TV Shows, such as Channel 10's 'So You Think You Can Dance' & 'Everybody Dance Now' as well as Channel 7's 'SUNRISE' just to name a few.

The diversity of this ensemble creates a rich and evolving repertoire, full of high-­‐energy rhythmic movements and afro-­‐beats that will intrigue the ears of many. The Afrodisiaq members are culturally African Australian. They do an incredible job of connecting a modern day Australian audience with a modern yet traditional African experience.

Afrodisiaq comes together to present their diverse and captivating African traditions, through professional shows filled with music, dance and crowd participation. They are a phenomenal and charismatic performance group that is a must have for any type of celebration or event.

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The Burundian Drummers’ Club SA Inc 

The Burundian Drummers Club SA was established in Adelaide in 2007 and is incorporated in the Association of the Burundian Community SA.   The aim of The Burundian Drummers is to promote the Burundian culture in other Australian communities, sustain their culture by teaching drumming to Burundian young children and finally entertain people.  

The Burundian Drummers are famous in various places in Adelaide. They are known as energetic people. They have grabbed awards from the Burundian Associations in SA, African Community Council, the African Chamber of Commerce and they received certificates of appreciation from different areas. 

Carrying drums on the head, singing, beating the drums while walking, these are the exceptional skills that the Burundian Drummers show when they come to the stage. They dance with energy, they spread energy, and they bring big a smile and happiness to their audience.


ASA (meaning "dance" in the Akan language of Ghana) is a group of talented young women dedicated to bringing traditional dance forms from all regions of Ghana to the stage, they combine these dances with contemporary and modern dance forms and music to make each performance a unique journey through time, through Ghana, Africa and through the imagination!

They are regulars across Sydney's various African and multicultural events and festivals including Auburn's "celebration of African Cultures" "the Africa Festival" in Hyde Park, Bankstown's 'Reclaim the Night' and more. They also featured in the UN International Year for People of African Descent events in July and October of 2011 and run workshops for schools to raise awareness and educate young Australians about the differences and diversity in each African culture, using dance as a tool.

These ladies bust every stereotype about African dance with their beautiful energetic performances and are sure to blow audiences away!


Lucky Lartey

Lucky is one of Australia’s most dynamic West African performers and is well known for his versatile and high energy dance style. Lucky hit Australia dancing in March 2011 and has been wowing audiences and inspiring dance students ever since with his traditional West African Dance, Afro-Contemporary and fusion choreography.

Lucky is an accomplished and experienced African dancer in Ghana and Australia and has more than 15 years of training in Traditional African dance, Afro Contemporary and Salsa. Lucky has performed with countless African dance and music groups from Ghana and other African countries. He is also an experienced choreographer having created a number of contemporary African dance routines for Ghanaian dance ensembles including the Salaka Ensemble, Susuma and Riclils Entertainment.


Lucky Lartey is from the Greater Accra Region in Ghana and grew up in a vibrant fishing community called Jamestown which boasts of some of Ghana’s best dancers, musicians, boxers, and footballers.  This creative surrounding gave him the chance to study with the masters of dance from his mother land.  Lucky’s knowledge of dance includes dance routines from Burkina Faso, Ghana, Guinea, Senegal, South Africa and other parts of Africa.


Lucky teaches and performs around Sydney and Australia and has taught people of all ages and abilities to dance with feeling and connect to the beauty and spirit of African dance. Lucky’s ambition is to perform, teach and choreograph African traditional and contemporary African dance in Australia and to bring people together to create understanding across all cultures by sharing the beauty and natural power of African music and dance.


Lucky’s key accomplishments and works since arriving in Australia in March 2011 include performances at: The Afro Australian Music and Movie Awards 2011, the United Nations year of People from African Descent Celebration 2011, Colombian Independence Day Celebration 2011, World Refugee Day Celebration 2011, Sydney Fringe Festival 2011 and 2012, West African Festival 2011 and 2012, Africultures Festival 2012 and 2013, the African Professional Association Annual Gala Night 2012 and the African’s Women Dinner Dance 2012. Lucky was also one of the principle choreographers and performers in Dance Africa Dance 2012.


Lucky has continues to teach and work on projects such as Dancing in Harmony - a community development initiative of the NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors (STARTTS), the project brings together young Africans from refugee backgrounds to train in traditional African and Afro-contemporary dance. Lucky has also worked with Annalouise Paul in the development of Mother Tongue a vibrant kaleidoscope of dance and live music that explores war, cultural tolerance and healing, revealing shifting paradigms and new futures.


Lucky’s latest accomplishment is the production and release of Baa Jo! Ghana Dance Instructional Video. Baa Jo is the Ga word meaning “come and dance”. Baa Jo the instructional video is the product of Lucky’s commitment and passion for the dances of Ghana and his desire to share them with the world.

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