Suzan Mutesi Mufumbiro, originally from Uganda, is one of the top African Australian Fashion Designers.  After making the move to Australia to complete high school, Mutesi’s passion only grew stronger. Teaching herself only the basics of design, such as alterations and mending torn clothes on a sewing machine, Mutesi knew that to be recognised as a designer she would need to further develop her skills from garment construction to sewing and pattern making. 

Mutesi was soon accepted into one of Australia’s top-ranked design institutions, Raffles KvB Institute of Technology, graduating with a Bachelor of Design majoring in Fashion. With dreams to own a recognised, international label, Achea-Mpong was born in 2009.

Mutesi, the founder of the Fashion label Achea-Mpong has been an influential role model in the African Australian community.  She participated in a fashion show at the Raw Charity event by helping to raise money for children in Rwanda. Her African embroidered evening dress made top page in the MX newspaper around Australia.  The young talented designer also designed for Sophia in the group Three Wishes on X -Factor 2011 on the 14/11/11. Mutesi also embraced the 2011 AAMA awards by show casing her beautiful collection and also presented awards to icons like Awiro Ngoma. She has also dressed and styled Charlotte Dawson, a model and judge, on the Australian Top Model in an  X-Mass Commercial coming soon on Foxtel.  It’s clear Mutesi draws closer to her dream each day, as she continues to grow her exotic, African-inspired label.

FroQ AfriQ is all about African Inspired Bags! And Accessories and its unique point of difference is the combination of African trimmings/fabrics with Western style.

FroQ AfriQ was born from a marriage of African culture with western style. Its signature items are sophisticated, elegant and classic hand crafted leather bags and accessories, designed and made in Australia. The label evolved from countless ideas on how to showcase what African Fashion is and can be and the niche found was bags. However, FroQ AfriQ do understand that styling is everything so from time to time apparel and other accessories that compliment the bags are featured.

"I have a dream that one day Africa will become a renowned Fashion destination: the likes of Paris and Milan and I want to take part in the wave that takes it there…." says Wanyika Mshila, CEO of FroQ AfriQ.


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